Have you gone to the eye doctor recently? If it has been a while since you have gone, it can be slightly overwhelming. You might have a lot of questions about how to prepare and what to expect. 

Do you have questions about eye care services? Get answers in this FAQ roundup so you can be ready when booking an eye exam in Lexington! 

How Often Should I Get My Eyes Examined? 

Think of it this way, you go to the doctor once a year. Why not your Optometrist? 

By going once a year for a complete eye exam every year you can ensure that your eyes are in the best health possible. The eye examination can also catch any problems to ensure that they are caught early. 

Especially if you wear contacts, a yearly exam is important. You are at a greater risk for some complications. 

Your eyes are also a great indicator of your overall systemic health. Your eye care provider can help catch other diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, M.S, or even high cholesterol. An eye appointment once a year can help you catch any complications before they become a serious problem. 

Why Do I Need My Eyes Dilated? 

When you get your eyes dilated, your eye gets enlarged. if your eyes were not dilated it would be incredibly hard to see the actual structure of your eye. 

Think of looking at your eyes when they are not dilated like looking through a keyhole. The area is very small and hard to see through. When your eyes are dilated, they open up, and the structure and inside of the eye become much clearer and easier to see. 

Your Optometrist will be able to see the health of the eye and if there is anything wrong. Once the dilation is complete, the effects will last about four to six hours. Keep in mind that things may be a bit blurry up close and bright after. 

What Questions Should I Ask During My Appointment? 

It is always a good idea to get in the habit of writing down any questions that have been on your mind down on paper before your appointment. That way, on the day, you have a reminder of anything that you wanted to ask. 

Some of the important questions to ask an eye doctor things are things like 

  • Do I need additional treatment or tests run?
  • How often should I personally be getting an eye exam? 
  • What tests are you going to be running today? 
  • Are there any signs that I am at risk for any eye diseases? 
  • Are there any symptoms that I should be watching for? 

Your Optometrist will gladly answer any questions that you have and make sure that you feel knowledgeable and like you have all your answers by the time your appointment is over. 

What Can I Do To Keep My Eyes Healthy? 

Our biggest tip for keeping your eyes healthy? Make sure you are getting in to see your Optometrist each year! Only they will be able to see any changes in your eyes and make sure your eyes are in good health. 

There are other small things that you can do to help your eyes. Make sure you take a break from your computer screen every 20 minutes or so to let your eyes relax. 

Make sure you have good lighting around you when reading or working, and also set your computer slightly lower than eye level! 

What Does The Eye Chart Measure? 

We have all seen one of those Snellen charts. It is the chart that is used to measure 20/20 vision. When we say 20/20 vision, this is a term used to indicate normal or accurate vision. 

With 20/20 vision, someone would be able to see 20 feet away with clarity and what should typically be seen from 20 feet away. If someone’s eyesight is less than 20/20, this means that they need to be closer to the chart. So they need to be 20 feet away to see what someone normally can from seventy feet away for example. 

What Happens At The Eye Exam? 

During the eye exam, your eye care specialist will go through and evaluate your eyes and check the overall health of you and your eyes. They will check for common eye diseases as well as run some tests to see how well your eyes work together. 

After the eye exam is complete the eye care doctor will go over with you how everything is looking and will let you know if you need prescription eyeglasses or not. 

Nothing Is Wrong With My Vision. Why Do I Need To See an Eye Doctor? 

Sometimes one-size-fits-all reading glasses are just simply not enough. A lot of people have a different prescription for each eye or astigmatism. There are a lot of things that could be done to personally help you and your eyes that can not be fixed with over the counter materials. 

Plus even if you think your vision is okay, going to receive eye care services once a year helps to detect anything that you cannot notice by yourself. It is always a good idea to have your eyes checked! 

Having eye care service around you is not only important, but it feels great when you can find a provider that truly cares about you and your health. 

Lexington Eye Care Services 

It always helps to feel prepared before you come to see a new Optometrist. By answering your most frequently asked question we hope that you know what at Kentucky Eye Institute, you will be getting the best service possible. 

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