10 million Americans have undergone LASIK eye surgery since Marguerite B. MacDonald performed the first one in 1989. LASIK continues to be one of the most popular elective surgeries in the country.

If wearing glasses daily is tiring or if you are ready to get rid of the cost of contacts, cleaning solutions, and other expenses associated with eye care, then most likely you have already looked into getting LASIK eye surgery.

Living in or near Lexington, KY gives you the opportunity to search for the right eye doctor, get all your questions answered, and prepare for your surgery and recovery by following the steps in this guide.

Why Should I Get LASIK Eye Surgery?

People have been getting LASIK eye surgery and enjoying the benefits of being glasses and contacts free for over twenty years. LASIK has a 96 percent patient satisfaction rate, which is the highest for any elective procedure.

Some of the LASIK eye surgery benefits include:

  • Improvement of daily vision
  • More success at work or the ability to switch jobs
  • Performing tasks and hobbies to a higher level of satisfaction
  • Freedom from the cost and maintenance of vision hardware
  • Reduction in the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Very little pain from the procedure
  • Quick results
  • Allergy relief

How to Choose the Best Eye Doctor

Because you will be trusting your eye doctor in Lexington with an important procedure, you want to make sure you choose someone that you feel comfortable with and that you know is qualified.

Your surgeon should have a lot of experience performing LASIK eye surgery, with high success and approval rates. You also want to search for one who is honest in screening their patients. LASIK isn’t for everyone, and a good surgeon should be screening out about 15-25 percent of their patients.

Your surgeon should be someone who will answer all your questions. The more you trust them, the more likely you will be to listen to them and follow their recommendations, which will lead to a better experience.

During a consultation, if a surgeon pressures you to undergo LASIK or it feels like a sales pitch, they might not be the right surgeon for you. They also should be upfront about the risks and the limitations that the surgery could hold.

As a patient, you can do your homework even further by reading reviews from current and past patients, asking the community of Lexington for referrals, and even asking for references from the office of the surgeon you are considering.

Does My Insurance Cover the Procedure?

Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of LASIK because it is an elective procedure, meaning that it’s not medically necessary.

There are special circumstances that may lead to partial or full coverage of the procedure. Some people with medical conditions such as severe dry eyes or allergies might qualify.

People with safety requirements for work such as firefighters could qualify for coverage due to the dangerous conditions they work under.

You will always want to check with your insurance company first before counting on coverage. You also could shop around for insurance to see if one better fits your needs.

LASIK is considered an eligible medical expense if you have an FSA, HSA, or HRA. Some offices might also offer discounts.

How to Prepare

As you are preparing for your surgery, keep in mind that your surgeon wants your procedure to succeed. They will give you material to read or watch, and will recommend that you educate yourself on it. They will usually include a list of dos and don’ts for both before and after the surgery.

Ask questions. If there is any part that makes you uncomfortable or unsure, come prepared with that list to your next appointment.

Become familiar with their website and your patient portal. Most medical offices have gone digital, and there is a wealth of information available from your doctor’s office.

Practice your visualization techniques. During your surgery, your surgeon will most likely ask you to fix your eyes on an object and keep your gaze there. Practicing at home until you can achieve about 20 seconds will help your procedure go smoother.

Before Your Procedure

As your surgery approaches, you’ll want to keep in mind a couple of things.

Do you wear contacts? If so, your doctor will ask you to stop wearing soft ones at least a week before and up to four weeks before if you wear hard. This will make it easier for them to correct your cornea.

Drinking lots of water will help with healing after your surgery. Dry-eye is one common side effect of LASIK, so staying hydrated before and after will help.

Get lots of rest the night before. For most LASIK procedures, you will be awake and asked to do certain things. This might be difficult if you are suffering from a lack of sleep.

The Day of Your Surgery

On the day of your procedure, make sure you’ve made arrangements for someone to be there to take you home. Driving yourself home is not recommended and can be dangerous.

Be at the office for your recommended check-in time, especially if you still have any questions or concerns about what will be happening. Come dressed in comfortable and easy-to-remove clothing.

Follow all the directions of the surgeon when asked. This will help the surgery to run smoothly.

LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

Most LASIK eye surgeons agree that sleep is the best thing after your surgery. Many will prescribe a sedative to help you if you don’t think you can sleep on your own. They will also prescribe eye drops to use for the first week.

Avoiding eye rubbing, using makeup, and swimming are just a few things your doctor might recommend when talking about your recovery.

Always attend your follow-up appointments. These are crucial to making sure there were no complications with the procedure and that there is no risk of infection.

Get Clearer Vision Today

Now that you are committed to having better vision and leaving your glasses behind, don’t put off getting a consult for your LASIK eye surgery in Lexington. You will want to begin experiencing the benefits as soon as possible.

The Kentucky Eye Institute commits to ensuring that you have the best care possible for your vision with the best eye doctors available. Call us today to schedule an appointment.