Did you know that just half of the American adults with the most risk for losing for vision have even seen an eye doctor within the last year? Skipping out on the eye doctor puts you at risk for problems that can even lead to vision loss if you don’t catch and treat them promptly.

You might not have an eye doctor if you’ve recently moved to Lexington, Kentucky. Or perhaps you haven’t gone in a long time and want to try someone new.

In either case, it can seem like a lot of work to find an eye doctor that meets your needs and budget. After all, you probably pass by several eye clinics during the week and just don’t know which one is best or who takes your insurance.

But don’t stress! Read on and we’ll show you how to choose an eye doctor near you.

Understand the Type of Eye Doctor You Need

Before you begin finding an eye doctor in Lexington, you should know what type you really need. Your options include optometrists and ophthalmologists.

Both of these eye doctors can give you exams, prescribe some contacts and glasses, and check your eyes for common eye health issues. They can also each give you certain medications like eye drops.

While some optometrists may do exams before or after surgery, ophthalmologists can perform a wide range of eye surgeries. This is because they have a medical doctor’s degree with extensive training in their specialty.

So, if you think you’ll need some eye surgery, you may want to go with an ophthalmologist for the most convenience. Otherwise, either type of eye doctor will provide you with regular vision care.

Check with Your Vision Insurance Company

After you know whether you want an optometrist or ophthalmologist, you’ll need to find an eye doctor who takes your vision insurance if you have any. Visiting your insurer’s website and looking for a “find a doctor” tool can lead you to some local eye doctors you can choose from.

You can often narrow down the doctors based on type, specialty, and location. If your insurance comes with different tiers, you may sort the eye doctors to find one that maximizes any benefits and discounts. Make a note of some options that appeal to you so you can research further.

Ask Around for Recommendations

Whether you have insurance or not, it pays to ask family, friends, and acquaintance about eye doctors they recommend in Lexington. You can inquire about their patient experiences and learn more about how the office operates.

It also helps to know some important questions to ask those who recommend a particular eye doctor to you. You can ask about the doctor’s timeliness, interest in helping patients, friendliness, and pricing. Don’t forget to also ask about how other office staff members act.

Research Potential Eye Doctors Online

At this point, you should already have a few eye doctors in mind from checking with your insurance company and asking around. But don’t rely just on eye doctor reviews from people you know or choose a doctor simply because your insurance takes them.

You have a wealth of information available on health review websites, social media pages, and even testimonials on the eye clinics’ websites. You can simply run a search for eye doctors in Lexington and come up with a list of more options to consider.

You should also browse each potential eye doctor’s website. This will let you explore the services offered, review financing options, and learn more about the clinic’s history and specialties.

You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure an eye doctor doesn’t have issues providing proper care. Be wary if you see that the eye doctor’s office has many unresolved cases against it.

Know Which Qualities to Seek in a Good Eye Doctor

Once you’ve found a few good choices, it’s good to know some specific qualities to seek in an eye doctor. This will help you further investigate each eye doctor to find the single optometrist or ophthalmologist that best meets your needs.

You’ll want to choose an eye doctor that has an excellent reputation in the field. They should not only have positive reviews and come recommended in the community. They should also have completed advanced training, have significant experience, and possibly have received awards for their work.

Also, keep the eye doctor’s availability in mind to ensure they will have appointments that fit your schedule. While the best eye doctors might not have an appointment right away, that may not be a problem for a regular eye exam. If you have an emergency though, it can be a dealbreaker.

Consider the eye doctor’s communication style as well. You’ll want someone with whom you feel comfortable asking questions and who seems willing to take time to know you. You might consider calling the office or setting up a consultation so that you can speak to the eye doctor.

Don’t forget to consider the technology the eye doctor’s office uses as well. From cameras that can check your retina to modern LASIK eye surgery techniques, times have changed in vision care. Look for an eye doctor who invests in these advancements.

Now You’re Ready to Find an Eye Doctor

Since you know how to find an eye doctor, don’t delay getting a regular eye exam or addressing any problems you’ve noticed about your vision. You’ll not only see more clearly but have someone to carefully monitor any changes in your eyes.

You may feel tempted to put your appointment off due to a lack of time or money. But any inconvenience will be worth it to save your vision. Also, even if you find a great eye doctor that your insurance provider doesn’t accept, you can always look into financing options.

Are you ready to find a top eye doctor in Lexington who has the best expertise to care for your vision needs? Simply schedule an appointment with us today!