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Cloudy Vision: The Diagnosis and Treatment of Cataracts

Almost 350,000 people in Kentucky suffer from cataracts—that's over 17% of the state's population. If you're over the age of 60, that number is even higher. Thankfully, this common eye condition doesn't mean you'll lose your vision for good. A qualified eye doctor can...

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Eyesight Getting Worse? How Vision Changes as We Age

Right now, your vision is the best it'll ever be. Unless you make some sort of surgical change, your eyes are going to get worse with time, not better. The good news is, your eyesight getting worse is normal, and the bad news is, you can't necessarily stop it. Learn...

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Glasses Vs. Contacts: Which Are Right For You?

61% of the American population relies on corrective lenses to see. That's up 4% from over a decade ago. The growing population of glasses and contact wearers is not only made up of the elderly, either.  20 percent of millennials use corrective lenses, too. If you ever...

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Near or Far: What Does 20 40 Vision Mean?

They say hindsight is 20/20, but what is 20/40? If you're amongst the two out of three Americans who use vision correction in some way, you may be familiar with these kinds of ratios. Or, you may be completely unfamiliar, especially if you've never looked at the...

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