There are around 165 million US adults who wear corrective lenses. However, those folks aren’t the only ones who need to be taking a trip to the eye doctor. There are numerous reasons that one may need to go to the eye clinic. Read on to find out eight signs you need to go to a Versailles eye clinic asap!

1. Sensitivity to Light

Light sensitivity, or photophobia, can be a cause for concern as there are many reasons it may occur. This is when you find that you can not tolerate any type of light and it causes discomfort.

Other symptoms may appear due to light sensitivity. Your Versailles eye doctor can help you discover the root cause. Common issues related to light sensitivity include keratitis, iritis, and uveitis. Migraines can also cause sensitivity to light. If you are experiencing this symptom, it’s best to have it checked out before it evolves into anything more serious.

2. Dry and Itchy Eyes

There are several reasons that you might experience dry or itchy eyes including seasonal allergies or over-exposure to screens. However, there are more concerning reasons that you could suffer from this symptom as well.

Dry eye is actually a chronic condition. This happens when your tears are unable to properly lubricate your eye. This condition can be managed at home with treatments recommended by an eye doctor in Versailles. Dry eye is rarely concerning but it does need to be treated.

3. Blurred Vision

If your vision has suddenly become blurred or you are having problems focusing, you should book an appointment with an eye doctor right away. It can be a symptom of a much larger health concern.

When blurry vision comes and goes or happens in one eye, you should schedule an exam. If you notice that your eyes are gradually getting worse, then you shouldn’t panic. This likely means that your vision is changing. You’ll probably need a different prescription.

4. Spots, Flashes, or Floaters

Spots, flashes, or floaters are very common and really have no cause for panic. These are caused by protein pieces trapped in vitreous, a clear, gel-like material that occurs naturally in our eyes. As we age, this vitreous becomes more and more fluid. In turn, the protein pieces become more noticeable.

In other cases, floaters with flashes of light can be an indication of a detached retina. Clusters of floaters, misty swirls, and frequent flashes of light are more alarming. If you notice any of these symptoms you should make an emergency appointment with your Versailles optometrist. When this condition is not treated, you may suffer from permanent vision loss.

5. Pain

Infrequent eye pain is common and there are many reasons it can happen. On the other hand, frequent eye pain or eye pain that does not go away is worth a trip to the eye doctor. Pain can indicate that you have an eye infection or may be a warning sign of a larger health issue.

Regardless, if you have frequent bouts of pain in or around your eyes, you should have it checked out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

6. Reoccuring Headaches

Reoccurring headaches are usually associated with vision problems. Our vision typically changes slowly over time, so you may not have noticed much of a difference. But, frequent headaches can be a symptom of strained eyes meaning that we are having a bit more trouble seeing.

When you see your eye doctor, let them know about the headaches. With a thorough eye exam, you can find out if your prescription needs to be changed. This will help in all facets as you’ll feel better and see better.

7. Diabetes

Unfortunately, diabetes affects our bodies in more ways than we think. If it isn’t managed the right way, then it may also affect eye health. Too much sugar in the blood causes damage to the fragile blood vessels in our eyes which can lead to diabetic retinopathy. Major damage can happen before you even experience any vision loss.

Whether you have type 1 or 2, you should be extra cautious when it comes to taking care of your eyes. A great optometrist will recommend that you have a diabetic eye exam at least once a year to assess how you are doing.

8. Foreign Objects

Girt, dirt, chemicals, and large objects can cause serious damage to our delicate eyes. If you have had any of these objects in your eyes, you should be checked out. Small objects and chemicals should be flushed out as soon as possible with cold water.

If the object doesn’t come out from flushing with water, do not try to remove it with tweezers or your fingers. In addition, you should not rub your eyes. This can cause even more damage and push the object into a more tricky spot. Call your eye doctor and schedule an emergency appointment or go to an emergency room.

Make Your Versailles Eye Clinic Appointment Today

These are all great reasons that you should be scheduling an appointment at the eye clinic but there are so many more! In addition to those, if you simply haven’t been to the eye doctor in a while, then it’s time to have a check-up! Our eyes are so important to our overall health and ease of life. Take care of them now to prevent further issues!

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